Picture #2
Public Speaking Winners - 18 February 2024
CONGRATULATIONS - we are proud and excited to introduce the winners here.
There were 11 contestants 

Braving a snow storm,  nothing stopped these Public 
Speakers from attending the competition at Branch 92,  Zone G2,  in Gananoque,

3 primary
6 junior
2 intermediate 

The hall was filled.
 At least 70 people attended in support of these children.
Owen Fitzgerald and Patricia Watts were timers,
Patricia Fitzgerald and Alf Reid were judges,
Sandy Cleveland was the scrutineer,
Joanne Lancaster and Sandy Cleveland registration,
Sharron Dorey was the MC,
John Robertson and President Bob Howard handed out the awards. 

Primary (picture #1)

1 Oakley Tregunna

Topic : My Dog Pete the Cat: St Joseph’s

2. Olivia Zorzitto: Topic: Coyotes. St Joseph’s

3. Reid Martin: Topic; Baseball/Bluejays: St. Joseph’s 

Students are standing in order first beside Bob going right second third to John
All primary were in grade 3

Junior (picture #2)

1. Ivy Zufelt McCulloch: Topic: Positives and Negatives of Sugar; Linklater grade 6

2. Max Doogan ; Topic; Christianity Ronaldo; St Joseph’s grade 6

3. Elizabeth Bishop ; Topic; Inspiring Women; St Joseph’s grade 6
Standing in order from Bob to John

Intermediate (picture # 3)

1. Denver Marshall; Topic ; Golf: grade 7 : St Joseph’s

2. Brendan Lanigan: Topic; The History of the 1000 Islands; grade 8 St Joseph’s 

(picture #4 is a group picture)

Held at Branch 92 Zone G2


 Nadia 1st place - Colour. 
Absent- Adelaide Tanswell - 2nd - Primary B&W Absent- River Merkley- 3rd - Primary colour  

Teagyn Veley 1st place Senior color
Nadia Velkum 1st place Color
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Sienna Lambert 
Junior B&W  3rd place
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Simon Dick - intermediate B&W 3rd place
Lacey Sweet - Senior Essay 1st place.
Jade Thompson- Senior Poem- 2nd place